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Each player pursues their own purposes when launching online casinos. Some of them want to gain experience and have fun, the others are already advanced and try their luck to win some cash. Great for all of us, gaming sites create such conditions to meet everyone’s preferences. What is your aim when you enter a portal?

Along with numerous factors, which you examine when looking for a site, there are also other points to check. Observe the list of amusements, and you won’t be able to resist the famous 21 game. Yeah, now you can relish Blackjack online in all its versions, depending on the software, casino and the unique features.

Free and Real Money 21

The rules are simple, and it seems like everyone can play the entertainment easily. Well, that’s in case you are an experienced player. All the others, who haven’t tried the amusement, or who are not sure in their abilities, they can always join the fun mode. That’s when you get acquainted with the features and gain confidence.

The only thing about the fun play is that all your winnings caught during the game will stay on the screen, the credits are also fake. As soon as you get tired of the format, launch the casino as a real money player. This time you have to make a deposit and only then you will be allowed to load any amusements. Both losses and winnings are real at that point.

Atlantic City

Welcome to trying one of the most popular Blackjack alternatives! When the Dealer gets two cards, one face up and the second one face down, you understand that it is a Hole Card game. You’re dealt with 8 sets of playing cards, and you can be sure that the croupier will always stand in case there is 17 or more in his hand.

Having 2 Aces, you can use the Split feature once. The total amount of splits can’t go over 3 times, and you can use the Double Down possibility when receiving the initial hand. Take advantage of the Late Surrender option to be on the safe side and remember that with 0.36% house edge, you can’t help but go into black. This BJ type pays 3:2.

Double Exposure

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This time there is nothing to hide, because the Dealer gets both cards face up. Again, you get 8 decks of cards and the rules about Soft 17 is active. Check out your hand, is there a 9, 10 or 11? Then you can freely activate the Double Down feature. Split the deal for up to 3 times and get maximally 4 separate hands as a result.

Herewith, in case you get a Blackjack and the Dealer also can be proud of the hand, then the game will pay even money, which is 1:1. Playing this variation is pure enjoyment, you see the cards of the croupier and nothing can go wrong. Besides, with a house edge of 0.69%, be ready to collect the wins.

European Blackjack

Meet one of the most traditional BJ kinds that you can find in the modern world. Here you’re presented with no more than 2 sets of cards. Unlike other types of the game, this time you can Split only once and therefor get a maximum amount of hands, which is 2. Besides, split Aces and you will get several cards instead.

All the other rules are pretty standard. The same as in previous variations, this one includes Double Down when you get 9, 10 or 11, and the Dealer who stands on 17s. Experience 3:2 BJ payout and 2:1 Insurance one, with 0.42% house edge coming along.

Spanish 21

Are you ready to experience a really unusual type of the 21 game? Everything is very strange, because all the Tens are taken out of the decks. That’s why, you get 48 cards in each set. What’s more, the game presents you extra bonuses when you collect a certain combination of cards. And your Blackjack will always beat the Dealer’s one!

With the house edge of 0.38% and the payout 3:2, here are those magic hand combos. 3 Sevens pay 3:2, from 6 to 8 Spades award 3:1, herewith, 3 Sevens of Spades are also worth 3:1. Six card 21, 6, 7 or 8 and 3 Sevens of the same suit pay 2:1. Mind that everything is possible before splitting only.

Vegas Downtown

This version of your favorite entertainment got its title due to the fact that you can find it in the downtown of the Las Vegas area. That’s your pastime, which you can pass with low bets and pretty impressive paybacks. Get 2 decks of cards and a chance to Split either 2 similar cards, or the ones with the same value.

The other options are pretty standard. You will relish a 3:1 payout, when having a Blackjack hand and 2:1 when using Insurance feature. This time, you can sit back and not think about anything, because a 0.39% house edge is bound to lead you to endless winnings.

Vegas Strip

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Be very attentive and don’t trust general rules, which you can find on various blogs. Always recheck the info and do the same thing at this rate. Vegas Strip Blackjack offers its players 4 decks of playing cards, Split and Double Down options, like every kind of the hazardous entertainment.

Use such widely spread tips, like splitting the hand each time you have a pair of Aces. That’s when you won’t even feel how fast and easy the victory will come to you. Strike the same payout as in the version above and see how lucky you are when experiencing 0.35% house edge.

Super Fun 21

The title of this BJ alternative speaks for itself. This is another rare variation of the game, which awards you with prizes for getting special hands combinations. Besides, such presents don’t involve the side bets. You play the entertainment with only one set of cards, everything gets easy and more beneficial.

Use the Late Surrender feature, in case you are not sure of a successful result. Hit profitable combos and rejoice even payout when having Blackjack. Six or more cards in your hand that total 20 or less will always win, and at the end of the game you can freely advantage 0.94% house edge.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Well, and this is already interesting. Starting the gameplay, you can make a stake both as low as $1.00, and up to $200.00 per hand. Place a side bet with the original rate and have a chance to hit one of 3 various payouts. Once the first 2 cards you get from the Dealer are mixed, then you are awarded with a 5:2 win.

In case the initial pair presents the cards of the same color, the bonus prize counts 15:1. If both playing cards compose a matching pair, then you can lie on 30:1 payout. All the traditional winnings remain the same, and once the round is over, you can easily take advantage of a 0.42% house edge.

Games House Edge

When analyzing the online casino language, we can say that the house edge is the opposite of the payout percentage. This figure points out the benefit, which the site will keep when you finish playing this or that entertainment. Yeah, online portals also want to gain more profits from your pastimes.

That’s why, when examining the amusements and looking through the list of data, mind that the lower the figure is, the better it is for you. With so many Blackjack variations, you can look for one including the best conditions for you. The alternatives are numerous and each of them provides different digits.

Basic Strategy for Online Blackjack – Soft17 versus Hit17

Well, let’s start from the beginning. The whole game is a strategy of mathematical probability, you can only guess which card will come next and what hand you’ll have in the end. But there are some basic rules to remember. In case your hand is 16 or less, go for it and always take a hit card, cause you are not in a strong position.

Do not make abrupt moves and stand when having 12 or higher, in case the Dealer shows 4, 5 or 6. This time you can freely Double Down once owning 10 or 11. The feature does double your risks, yet, it also increases the returns. Always Split when having Aces or Eights, and forget about the option when having Tens. Stick to the main game plan and victory won’t keep you waiting for long.