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How serious can you be when it concerns your pastime, entertainment, experience and financial situation? All of the aforementioned factors depend on your right casino choice, which should be as careful as it is possible. No matter how advanced you are, there are still some casino secrets, which are known only to real experts. Follow our specialists, learn their tips and choose a site from the list of leading ones will become a piece of cake.

The portals are various, we offer you an opportunity to review the ones with the most secure conditions. Besides, in case you‘re willing to launch a real money mode, then you should think of the game to play and win. Check out slot machines, video poker, leading online Blackjack kinds, scratch cards and others in order to reveal your fortunate alternative. Here’s all the necessary information for you to know, before launching any casino.

Top Game Became Pragmatic Play

Well, the truth can’t be concealed and there’s no reason to do so. Pragmatic Play is a well-known company in the world of online gambling, which has been producing superior games since 2007. You can observe its collection of entertainments, which include both cards and slots. Remember to check out the list of its casino brands. That’s why, it was no wonder when Top Game changed its name at the end of 2015.

Now the company sets for itself goals, which are bound to come true. You must relish the highest quality of products, gain superior experience that can be freely called second-to-none. All the content is unique and you can’t find the same game anywhere else. Besides, that is not it, the software is ready to produce customized games upon request of its players in order to meet everyone’s likings and needs. That is how you feel the love from the platform, to be sure.

Pragmatic Play Casinos

online blackjack by Pragmatic Play

Before searching for an online casino, determine which results you want to gain at the end of the gameplay. Some portals are perfect for claiming their bonuses, taking advantage of extra cash, playing games and that’s it.

Either the house edge percentage is too high, or there are not so many withdrawal methods presented, or there always occurs some sort of problems when you decide to redeem the balance.

In case the cashout is important for you, conduct a thorough search and analyze the alternatives carefully, one by one. The collection of casinos, which are powered by the software, is not so broad. Yet, you can meet numerous sites that provide Pragmatic Play games, along with entertainment created by other platforms. That’s how the content gets larger and you can choose whatever amusements you’d want.

Double Exposure Blackjack

The first pleasant point to meet when playing Double Exposure BJ is that both cards of the Dealer are facing up. No secrets are there to be revealed, and you can freely enjoy the game, where 8 decks of cards are involved. In case a round ends with a tie, this will be a victory for your opponent, that’s why, do not leave it to chance.

The Dealer must stand on Soft 17, while you can use a Double Down feature either on any 2 cards or after activating the Split option. By the way, when splitting Aces, you get one card each, so by doing everything right, you can sharply increase your winning chances. Well, with a 99.69% payout percentage, making a killing seems to be pretty feasible.

Multihand Blackjack

Do you feel like Julius Caesar was your ancestor and there are things you share in common? Then do not hesitate to launch this game type. This time you have the chance to play not one (per usual) hand per game, but as many as 4 hands at once! Keep track of each one and think about your next step according to the results.

There are 8 sets of cards, and you should be very attentive when receiving each combination. You can use Stand, Hit, Split or Double options in order to regulate the gameplay. Besides, there is such an option as Rebet, which allows you to repeat the previous stakes for all 4 hands. Gain more experience when playing the game and become an owner of 95.09% payout rate.

Royale Blackjack

pragmatic play Blackjack online

This time everything is different. You’re to face the regular conditions of traditional Blackjack, where the Dealer gets one card face up and the second one face down.

You are right! That is a Hole Card game, which carries intrigue until the end of the round. Show who the real winner is, but remember that while beating the dealer, you shouldn’t go over 21.

All the general features are available and you can experience Double, Hit, Stand and Split ones easily. By the way, splitting is offered for up to 3 times in order the total amount of hands won’t be more than 4. Besides, there is Insurance that you can activate once you‘re not sure in the success. Blackjack pays 3:1 at that rate, and you can relish your gains with a payout of 99.60%. Sounds pretty promising, right?

Desktop and Mobile

As soon as you make up your mind which BJ alternative to experience first, you should also decide which format will be most convenient for you. Launching a desktop version, you can download the casino software and enjoy the full collection of the portal entertainments right from your laptop or PC. Just keep in mind that the operating speed can let you down in this case. Otherwise, you can freely enjoy the instant play options and try the games online.

Speaking about the mobile version, you can relish the same advantages. The flash pastime requires only your gadget browser and powerful Internet connection. You can add the link of the casino to the bookmarks in order to get a faster access. Once you want to download a special app, remember that each platform (iOS, Windows, Android, BlackBerry) has its own store to find the program. By the way, both Double Exposure, Multi-hand and Royale Blackjack kinds are available on desktop and mobile.

Licensed Gambling with Top Game

The responsible attitude of the company plays a great role for online players. You know that all the actions taken by the software are legal and approved by the gambling authorities, which are constantly checking quality. Checking out the official page of the software, you may notice that there is a mark of Gaming Labs Certificate, which means all standards are maintained.

Herewith, the platform has some more things to be proud of. Observe the rewards of the company and see the icons of Asia Gaming Awards and EGR B2B Awards. Another item that will be known for you is Malta Gaming Authority, which rewarded the provider with a Class 4 license. So many approvals of quality, can there be any lingering doubts?

Pragmatic Play Bonus Coupons

Let us leave aside all serious topics and speak about pleasant presents. As soon as you enter a casino site, it will do everything for you to stay. That’s why, most portals attract their visitors with profitable bonuses. New comers usually meet Sign Up or Welcome Bonus Package, which get activated after the initial input. By the way, they can also include Free Spins promo with a certain slot is to be played.

In case you are a risky gamer and transact impressive sums, you can strike High Roller offers. Check out which banking methods are mentioned in Special Payment Method gift and use one to get more cash. Do not worry, there is also No Deposit promotion, which do not require any transfer, just determine the timeframe for which the chargeless money is awarded. Mind the wagering of each bonus type and claim any to receive more credits for free.