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Entering any online casino, the first thing that catches your eye is the collection of games. The variations are so many, that each player can find an entertainment to his/her taste. Still, people who trust their keen mind and want to build the future on their own, they pick Blackjack. This 21 game involves your participation and the usage of smart strategies. Learn more with us and make your first scoop.

European Blackjack Online for Real Money

The number of online Blackjack alternatives reaches over 40 titles. Sure, everything depends on the software, which created the game and its variations. You are presented with different designs, interfaces and features. For instance, playing classic European Blackjack, you’re offered 104 cards, having a Double Down and Split features with the Dealer standing on any 17s. Checking other types, you may face a bit different conditions.

Hi-Lo 13 Game

Having a plan B is always a good idea. The side bet of Hi-Lo 13 is totally independent of your blackjack wager. You can lose the hand, but that’s not the thing to be upset about, because you can still win the high-low bet, and the opposite. To make it a bit clearer, Hi – win if your hand shows more than 13, Lo – win if your hand shows less than 13, 13 – win if your hand shows exactly 13. You make another wager on any of the outcomes and watch the result when 2 first cards are dealt.

The High Streak BJ

Place a side bet and you will get a bonus prize in case you have 2 winning hands. This time, the side bet will stay on its place for the following hand, and in case you are so lucky to have the third winning hand, then the bonus will pay 2:1 to you. Again, the feature is optional and you can use regular ones such as Split and Double Down instead.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Play Online Blackjack for Real Money

An extra bonus side bet option? Why not! As there are no additional cards involved in the side bet, the results of your gameplay is presented right after you get the first 2 cards.

Having a hand worth 9, 10 or 11, you have a way to Double Down, which will cost you an additional bet, the same as your initial one. Split the cards if necessary and try to have the best deal ever.

UK Blackjack for Real Cash

Intelligent, careful and elegant. This is how you can make your pastime look like, when picking the best Blackjack variations for UK gamers. As you have already noticed, each alternative has its own specialities and your aim is to learn the rules thoroughly before launching the real money play, in other cases, make not so high stakes in order not to lose big money.

Online BJ for Real Money for US Players

They say, the thing that differs from European Blackjack from American one is that in the first variant the Dealer gets only one card and it is face-up. Well, the only way to check the info is trying the games on your own, right? Let’s see the variations of US Blackjack and learn their details better.

Atlantic City

Experience this game for fun once, and the next thing to do will be launching it for real money. With the house edge of 0.38%, the standard winning payout of the game makes 3:2 in case you have a blackjack hand and 2:1 in all the other cases, including insurance. The regular features are included, moreover, you can use Late Surrender one and get a half of your stake without losses.

Vegas Strip

This is a hole card game and you will notice that when the Dealer gets one card face-up and the other one face-down. The croupier stands on any 17 and you have a chance to split up to 3 times. Double Down your stakes when you feel the need and try to collect the most profitable card combination for your successful gaming.

Vegas Downtown

Have you been to Vegas? Today you can visit the downtown and play the hole card game from anywhere. You can Double Down even after you use the Split feature, everything is created here for your benefit. Play the variety on your own and use the tips coming out on your screen, these are the things to help you in any situation.

Blackjack Games House Edge

Blackjack Online for Real Cash

It’s not a secret that Blackjack provides one of the lowest house edges among all the other casino games. Once you search the net, you will definitely find numerous calculators for blackjack house edge.

There you should mention the features of your game, such as number of decks, possible double down or split options, etc. That’s how you get the percentage, or you can find it on the casino site.

Live Dealer BJ

Oh, this time you have a deal with real people. Launch Live Casino and enter the game to play with other users around the world. You can make contact with the Dealer and the participants in the chat and relish the atmosphere of real time gaming.

Payment Options

Entering the Cashier, look through the banking methods and try to find the one available both for depositing and withdrawing. Check the fees, timeframes, possible limits, safety options and other features to pick the best option.

BJ Casinos Min Deposit

This item depends on several factors. First of all, the payment mechanisms provide the minimum size of your deposit possible once you use them. Besides, there is a min investment for activating bonuses, so, make sure the conditions meet your budget.

Blackjack Bonuses – Which Ones to Choose for Real Staking Play

The list of casino promotions is very long and each site provides its own set of bonuses in order to allure more gamers. The terms can be different and we’re to reveal several of them for you. Find your best offer for today.

First Log-In Bonuses

As soon as you enter a casino and become its true member, you can take advantage of Welcome Bonus. This is an offer given for the first deposit only, that’s why, you can use it just for once. Get a Match% promo or a fixed sum for free and play the games.

Referal Gifts

In case you have a friend who hasn’t created an account in the casino yet, and who has the desire to gamble, then you can receive a bonus. Right when your buddy registers a new profile and mentions that it was you who invited him/her, you get a set of free money.

Hi Stakes Benefits

Each of your step should be estimated and when you make high bets and deposit large sums of cash, then there is a special offer for you. Make an investment of a certain amount and match it to the bonus, your balance will get even bigger.