Online Blackjack Banking Options in Casinos

Practically every online blackjack casino, regardless of its origin and country of registration, offers a huge variety of banking options for their gamblers. The payment method of the virtual portal is the way available for depositing real money and withdrawing the winnings.
The functions vary from the usual bank cards to the electronic payment systems. Every type has its benefits and, naturally, drawbacks. By the way, some companies provide their services only in the accurate countries. So, you should consider all these factors while choosing the gambling web house where you wish to start playing.

Credit/Debit Cards

Trusted online blackjack banking optionsMany players use today most frequently plastic cards. The first ever universal unit was released in 1951. All online lobbies with 21 accept MasterCard, a bit rarer – VISA. So, we’ll lay an emphasis on particularly these 2 methods. MasterCard has been active on the market for 20 years.

Now it’s developing further, implementing diverse innovations into its products. Arrange the traditional operation: pick out the card among other methods, fill in the form with the details and send the payment of any type. These are the distinctive peculiarities:

  • Utterly easy money transactions;
  • Instant payments;
  • Complete security of the customer funds;
  • Occurrence of the system in every BJ casino.

The Europeans go for VISA not only for gambling purposes, but also for the other Internet purchases. The use of the card is possible in any bank office where the player follows all the instructions of the manager and signs the documents. VISA cherishes its reputation and status and guarantees the safety of your activities. The following points accurately describe the option:

  • Enormous appeal;
  • Responsibility;
  • Possibility to manage the cash in the casino account;
  • Cross-border availability.

Maestro is one more cash register system. It appeared thanks to MasterCard, but now operates independently. It offers debit cards with money on the account that is accessible for the gambler anytime. American Express, Diners, Discover can also be in the list of the provided mechanisms on the site. However, since 2005 many of the companies came to the decision to apply similar standards for the manufacture of chip cards.

Bank Transfers

Opting for the bank transfer, get ready to the time-sapping and stressful procedure. There are 2 key conditions for being able to apply this service: personal bank account and the details of the operator’s one. You should have access to such recipient information as the name of the casino admin, lender address, number of his commercial invoice, and codes like IBAN, Swift or BIC.

When you choose this transfer on the portal with online blackjack, you automatically move to the enumeration of the banking offices on your location. You pick out the one where you possess an acc. All ongoing steps are simple. Just write everything the system requests. The managers can process your query for around 5 days.

During this time the deposit bonus, because of which you wanted to arrange funding, can become inactive. Be careful with the accuracy of the data. If you enter some mistakes, the procedure can take more time – up to a whole month. Nowadays, there are lots of instant bank transfers. In this case some third parties take part (Giropay, iDEAL, Sofort Überweisung or Trustly).


Best online blackjack payment methodsThe highest popularity belongs probably to the international e-wallets. The English system of the electronic payments Skrill, which has been functioning on the market since 2001, has the database of 30,000,000 stable users around the planet.

It is “number 1” on the betting portals with 21 entertainments. Depositing is possible via the transfer or the card, riding on the country of the user’s residence. The customer support is available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to the London time, and consists of the call-center and support via the e-mail.

One of the biggest and the most independent transaction systems is Neteller. It cooperates with about 200 territories, whose gamblers rely on its honesty and sustainability.

The company was created in 1999 and offers the alternative payment methods, making a mark on the simplicity. Click2Pay service – with headquarter in Germany – provides depositing and withdrawing options via checks, cards or bank transfer. They take 3% for drawing out, $2 for check order, $10 for requesting for a card, 2% for withdrawing through the ATM.

Ukash is famous for offering the virtual vouchers with the aim to increase the security of the payments. Moreover, they warrant the entire anonymity for the blackjack fans. One more casino paying mechanism that ensures the anonymity is the Entropay source.

However, it’s a rare service in the online gambling houses which allows no withdrawing in most cases, or this procedure is overly complicated. All other contemporary e-wallets give many advantages. Many of them have the mobile applications which greatly simplifies the transactions on the move (Android Pay, Apple Pay).


Pre-paid cards are something similar to the conventional credit ones. Thus, there is a certain difference. While the credit item establishes the limitation, the stored-value units do not bind you with operations. The sphere of their usage is not restricted by online gambling alone. Other purchases are available as well. The money stored there is not actually real, it’s in the form of the code. The bank has no influence on it.

The monetary value has no connection to any institution. They are anonymous. All transactions via this mechanism are instant. Additionally, many betting clubs on the net provide the bonus for taking precisely this way of sending and receiving money. There are the following types:

  • Closed system prepaid;
  • Semi-closed system prepaid;

Bitcoin Casinos

While developing Bitcoin system, the main point was to avoid the presence of any third parties. Also, there was an emphasis on the deals’ inconvertibility. So, any operation can be blocked, denied, performed with the changed fees, etc. The system has the protection of the highest standards. They use only the best cryptologic techs. Many thrill-seekers call this service the currency of the future – of the new upcoming generation. Here are the peculiarities that make the program different from other mechanisms:

  • The anonymity of the system members;
  • No charges for the operations;
  • Impossibility to cancel or stop the transfer;
  • No registration needed;
  • The rate of the currency price is determined by the market demand, not by a certain regulator;
  • No possibility of e-currency emission;
  • The data centers have no information about the users;
  • Free selling, purchase, transfer, income, and fund gifts.

All payment methods for online 21 casinosThe history of Bitcoin is full of secrets. We know that in 2008 one guy under the nickname of Satoshi Nakamoto posted his algorithm on the net. According to his words, the development started in 2007, in 2008, they presented a really functioning system version.

The media sources have found out that the nickname belonged to the entrepreneur and coding specialist Craig Steven Wright. The first ever man who arranged the purchase (pizza) via this method was the American fellow Laszlo Hanyecz. Up to this date, you can face numerous online real casinos which have this option for funding and cashing out.

Minimum and Maximum Sum of Transaction

Nevertheless, what kind of payment services you use, the minimum and maximum amount of the deposit or withdraw sum can vary in every online betting lobby on the net. That’s the operator who establishes the rates of the smallest and biggest money totals. There are the average sums. For instance, in most cases $1 is the lowest rate, $1,000 or more – the highest. It also applies to the Canadian and Australian dollars, and British pounds.

Processing Timeframe in Online Blackjack

The fact is that online blackjack players are rather risky. They can’t stand the long processes involved with cash transactions. That’s why we offer choosing the instant options from all methods that we’ve just depicted. As the bank transfers can occupy many days (2-5 days in a normal regime, up to 30 days – in case of the emergencies), switch to the e-wallets, cards or e-checks. They provide momentary investments and have better conditions for withdrawing.