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American company-developer International Game Technology (IGT) has been providing online casino operators from different countries with the programming software for more than 30 years already. During such a long period of its solid establishment on the market, the management of the corporation was purchasing other, similar projects, one by one.

IGT online blackjack casinos

They’re famous but not only for the virtual gambling houses with blackjack games. About 65 years ago, they dealt with the usual offline institutions and suppling of real betting equipment. Today, such mechanisms have become an issue of the past.

The modern, sophisticated and advanced featured casinos have substituted all of them. Their offices are placed in San-Francisco, Estonia, Liverpool, Italy, Great Britain and other nations.

Their key activity flows in the United States. Taking into consideration that the American market slightly prohibits this virtual staking leisure, they started switching to the European and Australian territories. Here are the proof as why we have found out this provider is worth your attention:

  • soft high quality;
  • tremendous 21 collection;
  • accessibility and individual interface setting;
  • possible integration to any platform;
  • flexibility of all product settings;
  • support of many languages;
  • more than a dozen banking options;

That’s impossible to count all technical achievements of IGT and its affiliated companies (Wagerworks, for example) in one article. We can say that initially lots of inventions have been famous for their innovative approaches. Now, they are the standard basis or mock-up for the other platforms. Let’s check out what CEO Marco Sala, the chairman Phil Satre and another 12,000 employees offer to their audience.

Free Online Blackjack from Wagerworks

So beckoning blackjack propositions are in open access to many thrill-seekers. When you want to experience playing for the first time, you feel like you’re going on a date. You don’t know what to expect, how to behave and what to put on. Here’s the same. You have no idea how to play 21, how to make bets and use the rest of the options. The only feature that differs is that you can sit at home in whatever clothes and in any pose, while enjoying the game.

For such uncertain gamblers, the supplier suggests a special free practice mode that’s your point of departure in the gambling activity. No real stakes and deposits. Just a simple virtual performance with the virtual coins or banknotes. It’s like a training before the real money performance. Please, don’t skip it, if you strive for becoming a professional and quite skilled player on the net.

Online 21 for Real

online IGT blackjack casinos and games

Once you are fully conscious of your BJ gaming habits, move slowly to the serious acting that implies depositing real cash and betting huge sums. That’s another step in your risky career in the IGT Interactive institutions.

However, when you start making the bets, think about your budget that you plan to spend on this type of pastime. Try to adhere to it, as when you become too thirsty about money, you can pour every little coin down the drain and get left with nothing in the purse.

That’s rather dangerous. We see that our readers are considerate people who know how to manage their funds. Real online 21 can offer many additional options and promotions that we’re actually going to discuss next.

IGT Casino Bonuses for BJ

Do you comprehend what is the true value of online portals from this provider? We’ll tell you. They achieved such a success due to the big audience. They gathered this big audience thanks to the rich set of bonuses. Consequently, it’s a goldmine for you in there. Play online blackjack game in a casino with a wide list of the encouragements and you’ll become a witness of the company’s generosity and liberality to everyone.

Conventional no deposit free cash prizes for the registration in the gambling house, are so popular that the users start playing simply because of them. However, we don’t want to waste your precious time for the discussion of standard bonuses. In this topic we’ve prepared the information about exclusive Welcome Packages with attractive components and high roller privileges. It’ll be fun – so, don’t touch that dial!

Welcome Packages

Each online lobby greets openheartedly its newly-made clients. One of the ways to do that, is the Welcome Packages. They are special propositions for certain actions in the club that inspire you to continue your 21 entertainment and invest even more cash. Its title is clear – you see, that the package consists of several presents what makes it rather beneficial.

The advertisement of the IGT portals always contains the data about these types of promotions. That’s how they draw the user attention to their creations. It wouldn’t be superfluous, to mention one more time that your assignment resides in the registration of the profile on the appropriate site with details that are valid.

Some operators implement special promo codes. If they are in the place you’ve chosen to play at, retype it to the necessary field of your active account and that will trigger the bonus. Now, that’s quite significant to differentiate all possible variations of this prize, and get to know the mechanism of its profitable employment.


online blackjack by IGT

The most common element of any Welcome Package is the match offer. It may sound strange to all newcomers, but we’re here to help. Learn the description of what is proposed to you. Let’s suppose, it is 100% up to $200.

You should understand that depositing $200, you’ll obtain the biggest prize. The operator will present you with 100% of what you’ve invested, and that is $200 more.

Will $400 be sufficient for you to game adequately? No need to answer! Matching can be of absolutely diverse rates. The described 100% is the most widely spread one. There are smaller coefficients like 25% or 50%; there are, consequently, bigger ones – 150%, 200%, or even 500%.

2-4 Times

As far as the promo is the combination of different components, there can be several conditions. Here’s a trick for you to investigate. There are staking houses where you can satisfy all requirements, not per single occasion, but dividing them for 2-4 times. For instance, you get something for registration.

Then, in a day you fund your balance and receive the relevant match offer (but the % can change). That’s an enormous advantage and you’ll feel its worthiness personally. Moreover, the gift can be given not only for the 1st time you top up the balance, but for the consecutive 2 more attempts.

Blackjack High Rollers

The biggest accomplishment of the supplier is that high-rollers visit their clubs and perform comfortably there. These thrill-seekers have huge experience, profoundly knowing every little detail about the process and taking in how to manage money with no significant losses. Considering online blackjack, the tables on the portals are simply teeming with such big fish. The match promos for them are available after they invest at least $100. Consequently, depositing as much, they get much tastier presents.

VIP Membership

Watching Hollywood movies, you’re jealous of the rich guys who walk with the cigarettes in their teeth and the glass of whiskey in hand? Don’t be foolish. That’s not how the real VIP buddies look like. The virtual gambling house from IGT can offer you better VIP membership conditions than in any cool film.

You will have access to the private blackjack tables with exclusive guests, the possibility to enhance your withdrawal limit, more pleasure and fine emotions. Feel like a “very important person” with the 21 entertainments!