Play Online Blackjack Competitions

There are numerous ways how you can experience online Blackjack and its types. Those, who have only heard about the game and know its rules in theory, they start their gaming story with fun mode. Then, they gain some experience in practice and turn to the real money mode, making low bets. Yeah, this thing doesn’t like to rush.

Now that the main idea of the entertainment is clear, and you feel more self-confident, you can increase the bets and try more alternatives of BJ. Along with high bets, you can take part in the Live Dealer casino pastime and have some fun with actual players. Well, everything seems so alluring and beneficial, why not combine the ingredients?

Feel the atmosphere of real-time competition right where you are with Blackjack tournaments. Here, you have to show all your skills and acute mind. Don’t leave a chance to the opponents and check out the variety of the gaming kinds with us. Knowledge is your most powerful weapon, get it reading the article and learning more about the contest.

Competition Types

Blackjack tournaments have been popular for years. They take place in live casinos around the world, but at the end of the 20th century, their favor had fell for some reason. Even online casinos stopped offering the activity. Still, nowadays, the fame of the competitions is back, and gaming sites present them even on a regular basis.

It’s true that each kind of tournament differs from another one in its rules, prizes, registration and entry fees. Yet, the basis of the game remains the same. You must defeat the Dealer on each hand to gain more chips. Only this time you compete against other players also. It means that you must win more chips from the croupier than any other player does.


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Tips are everywhere and the title of the contest is the main one here. This kind of tournament starts and ends at a certain time. In order to participate in the activity, you must pass the sign-up and pay the entry fees (if required) in advance. Checking out the terms, you will definitely see the fixed time when both registration and tournament start.

So, now you have your own account and the desire to play. There are left only a few steps towards actual gaming. Log in to your casino software before everyone has gathered in the day mentioned. Right when the tournament starts, you will be taken to the BJ table. See, everything is pretty simple and fast.

Sit and Go

In this case everything is different. ‘Spontaneity’ is the motto of the pastime, because nothing happens according to the plan. The competition starts as soon as the necessary number of players gather around the table. Yeah, it signifies that there will be less participants, as well as lower cash prizes. As we have said, each kind provides its own terms.

Yet, there are also good sides of the situation. Once you’re willing to get some adrenaline and try your skills in the 21 game, there won’t be a problem to find the tournament. Moreover, it is very easy and convenient. Most casinos present the amusements throughout the day, so, you can strike the desired pastime at any moment.


As it goes, the prize of your BJ tournament depends on the percentage of the entry payments. That is, the larger number of players take part in the game, the higher will be the final winnings. The opposite. That is why, you can’t say for sure how much you will win at the end of the pastime, and this thing doesn’t entice actually.

This alternative solves all the problems though. No matter how many gamers there are, or what fees you have to pay at the entry, there is a minimum prize, which will be paid out to the winner anyway. This time, the contest becomes pretty attractive to the players, that means the amount of participants will still grow.

Satellite Competition

In case you can’t find a way to a tournament directly, use the mediator instead. This pastime type won’t end with awarding you cash prizes. Yet, in case you come out as a winner, you’ll get a ticket to take part in a more prestigious tournament of the casino.

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Furthermore, the entry fee of the Satellite tournament is lower than the one you will win a seat in.

This is a perfect method to gain the opportunity to experience the contest, which you can’t otherwise afford.

At that rate, you also extend the time of gameplay, which can’t but lead to more experience and enjoyment.

Try your hand at the game, and the prize you will get is even more expensive than the credits on your casino balance.


Do not make any plans on a certain day of the week or the month! This pastime looks like a Scheduled one, yet, in this case, the tournament repeats regularly on a certain day. For instance, the casino may offer you to take part in the contest every Tuesday at 2 p.m. It means that if you miss one event, you can freely take part in another one, only a week later.

The same strategy works with monthly programs. The terms of the contest include the information mentioning a certain day and a time of the month, when you can take a seat around the table and defeat the opponents. Pay the entry fee only, and watch out, because sometimes there can be a combination of types, for instance, monthly + guaranteed one.

High Roller Tournaments

The way to the stars is long and you should be ready to meet all the requirements. Online casinos tend to run Blackjack tournaments especially for high rollers. It means that the top prize of the competition will be awarded to the player who wagers the highest amount of money on the games during each event.

Well, the rules are pretty simple, though, another item appears. Can you afford placing such high stakes when playing an amusement? Regular gamers won’t even get the idea of the contest, yet, risky ones will always look for such programs. The more you leverage in the pastime, the more benefits are there to take at the end of gameplay.

Free Multiplayer Tournaments

A totally new kind of experience starts when you pick Freeroll tournaments to try. That’s when you do not pay a cent in order to take part in a round. Instead, you get invaluable backgrounds and new skills. You increase your personal level of Blackjack practice, get acquainted with the rules and specifics on your own.

In the case your aim was to beat the Dealer, this time the number of your competitors grows up. Now you are to beat both the croupier and the other players sitting around the table. This contest type is run every day, so that you can gain more and more knowledge pretty fast, not waiting for an appropriate day or moment.

Online Blackjack Tournament Prizes

As we have already noted, the prizes of BJ competitions vary from one to the other. Actually, they are settled from the percentage of the entry fees collected. That is, the more players take part in the tournament, the higher award you’re likely to obtain. The same thing works in the opposite way, if a small number of gamers are there, the potential win can be not worth your entry payment.

So, it will be pretty smart of you to be on the safe side, and check out some points beforehand. That’s why, make it clear for yourself how many players have joined the contest so far, how many of them are expected and what prize it is liable to be. At long last, it is your money and you should invest it in the right way to come out as a winner, not a loser.

Basic Strategy

If you learn the tips of BJ tournaments, you will find out that the main points are the size of your bet and the timing when exactly you place a bet. Though, let’s not forget that your aim is to conquer the players with your hand, so, you should take into account the basic strategy of regular blackjack. The better your hand, the more likely you are to catch a winning and relish a lower house edge.