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18 years have passed since the foundation of the company named RealTime Gaming. They made their first digital baby steps in Atlanta, but in 10 years after the project launching transported to Costa Rica. Nowadays, their software has the honorable place amid the leaders of the market. Currently, the designer concerns about the improvement of its gaming programs.

Their online blackjack is in a list of the best elaborations. So, we want to stop and put an emphasis exactly on this risk-taking activity and tell everything about it. Many operators buy the RTG software for its virtual casinos. After that the supplier is not more in charge of its solutions. Accordingly, if you face something negative, don’t judge the firm too harshly.

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The history of the provider isn’t perfect. Nevertheless, it is rightly proud of the speed of its software work. Moreover, the online gambling houses of this producer have small weight. Due to that, you can download them too fast. The rapidity is rather obvious in the card entertainment.

For instance, while enjoying digital blackjack, the dealer hands the cards just instantly. The graphics quality is not all that good here. They offer to play 21 from the PC by downloading the lobby (takes up to 150MB) or from the Internet browser. The betting club includes everything needed: the game portfolio, active discounts, jackpot lists, customer support, etc.

All software undergoes inspection by the Technical Testing System. It is the cross-border leader considering the control of the gambling online projects. The corporation of RTG enjoys a tremendous appeal amid thrill-seekers around the virtual surroundings, regardless of all its disadvantages.

RTG Blackjack Games Online – Variety and Rules

21 online games from RTG

The destination of BJ resides in getting 21 points. If not 21, so maximally close to this total. In case the player gets more than twenty-one, he loses with no question. In the rest of the matters, the value of his cards gets equal to the value of the dealer’s ones.

After that, they opt for the winner of the round. The cards with the exponent of 10 and ace, received after handing, possess the name of blackjack. That’s a single combination that bears the title and exceeds all other possible sets.

The cards from 2 to 10 will bring you the scores amount which is equal to the numbers on them. You’ll get 10 points for catching King, Jack or Queen. The ace enriches you with either 1 or 11 additional scores. A plurality of the gamblers has the restrictions according to the amount of the boxes (the field for the bets). Traditional RTG game includes about 7 users simultaneously.

Many casinos deny betting on 1 box, so the player gets to make at least 2 of the stakes. The key terminology of the entertainment consists of the following notions: Split, Double, Triple, Surrender, Insurance. Thus, we’ve described the basic rules of the table activity. Let’s move to the variations which exist for today with the RealTime Gaming platform.


We start from the most popular type of the contemporary gambling era. That is European 21. Having the ideal cheat plan for the performance, you can reach 0.64% of the house edge. With no proficient skills, the advantage of the lobby grows significantly. Enjoying it, you won’t find any surrender functions.

It claims 8 complete decks for the appropriate game arrangement. The software 17 is the dealer breaking point. Each 9-11 allows perfect doubling down. This kind was rather exciting in the real world when the game only started developing and acquiring its typical characteristics.


Following the privilege of the house that composes 0.66%, that can be quite complicated to play, unless you act with optimum strategy. The supplier has developed this very variation for all lovers of the traditional stable rules who perceive the changes not positively.

Consequently, each site of the designer will certainly contain the Standard Blackjack. The dealer involves 8 decks and shuffles each time before handing. He arranges hitting at every 17 of the software type. The options of doubling down and splitting are possible in this 21 version.

Face Up 21

The title of this kind attracts many players as the young generation of thrill-seekers hunts for something really amusing and breathtaking. Face Up Blackjack from RealTime Gaming is played out with 9 packs of the playing units.

Online RTG blackjack

Compared to the both above mentioned 21 activities, this one provides the operator the advantage of 0.85%. Naturally, such coefficient can make everyone worry about his casino investments.

However, that’s not too much for really educated adventurers. A single ace split is acceptable here. The payout of 21 is 1:1 as in a usual performance.


RTG powered gambling houses with the BJ entertainments also include such variation as Pontoon. A rather interesting title, yeah? It has Australian roots, so you can experience something really outlandish with this software supplier. The house edge attribute equals to 0.73%. The profound counting strategy won’t be superfluous here. In this matter, you’ll come across the next options:

  1. TWIST: take the card;
  2. STICK: fold and skip handing;
  3. BUY: double down the stake;

Every card combination consisting of the ace and 10 bears the title of Pontoon. Adhere to the objective to beat the dealer and you’ll win and get the profits of the entire performance. Here are 9 decks, but each one with 52 playing units.

Match Play

One more game type we wish to bandy about is the Match twenty-one with its own peculiarities. The same 8 decks are applicable, but they lack 10s. In this variation the dealer is obliged to take the cards, if he possesses the soft 17 value or even less.

Apart from these differences, there are not too many other typical issues. The players can opt for the function of the Surrender, Double Down and Split. There are special rules when it is more favorable to apply these 21 features in your acting. 0.81% of the lobby advantage is for your information.

Super 21

RTG 21 web games and casinosThe supplier also paid attention to the development of such types as Super 21. Almost all online blackjack casinos for real money have this kind in the assortment of all offered entertainments. To hit the house edge of 1.20%, you get to work hard on the strategy.

No tricks and unexpectedness here – practically all classic rules can describe this kind. However, the players automatically wins, if they manage to collect the necessary points after receiving 6 cards. That’s what makes Super 21 various.

Suit ’em Up

Suit ’em Up is a wonderful online American BJ type with no exaggerations. The activity is attainable both in virtual and offline betting institutions. Unlike the other variations, the croupier applies 6 decks with 52 items each for this kind. The dealer takes 2 cards and 1 of them goes with the back down.

That is quite beneficial for a table audience. You can play for up to 3 hands. The stakes for the boxes can be identical or diverse – that’s for your choice. The Surrender is absent. You can approach 99.63% of the payout with the profoundly elaborated cheat plan according to counting.

Surrender Blackjack

Blackjack Surrender is a special sort of the ancient risk-taking amusement. You can encounter it in multiple RTG powered gambling houses along with the other kinds. The site privilege is 0.66%. You see that all entertainment from this supplier offer not more than 1% of this factor. You get to create the best conditions for reaching this rate of the index. Soft and hard 17 also play its role for the whole dealer performance. 8 decks are in the game.

Perfect Pairs

Since the Perfect Pairs 21 has appeared, the gambler forgot about all other variations. That’s true, as it is rather extraordinary. That is one more American creation. The only thing you have to investigate is the correspondence of the card for possible pairs. Check the values and hunt for the perfect coincidence with the cards of the same suit and color. That’s your goldmine.

RealTime Gaming Bonuses in Online Blackjack

Each of the gambling institutions proposes lots of sweet bonuses for the online blackjack players. No deposit promotions for the registrations are almost everywhere. That’s the best chance to earn some cash for the start. There are the places where each month on the 21st day the operator presents many additional free prizes. Also, be sure to check the terms, as there you can find some winning combinations.