Play Online Blackjack Games with Side Bets

The general set of notions for virtual blackjack is really massive. Before everything else, the interpretation of the game implies a thorough realization of its definition and rules. So, blackjack or 21 is the virtual risky entertainment that is in the arsenal of many an online casino.

It possesses specific regulations. The player’s aim is to compile 21 points before the dealer does that. The pattern of cards that ultimately brings you to 21 is the BJ. Then, the big significance belongs to so called side bets. We devote this topic to the clarification of this theme.

Side Bets and Odds

We say it very often, that the plurality of the side bets in different games – not only in blackjack – is not beneficial for casino users. In view of this, this haughty tip is to avoid them altogether. Here we have collected the most prevalent 21 types and the coverage about the stakes considering each of them.

Right in this topic, you’ll encounter the guidelines on how such bets operate, how they influence the gambling house advantage and, accordingly, how profitable they can be for users. Note that the house edge in this matter is taken exceptionally when it goes about the side variation of the entries. Lots of the entertainments offer really lucrative rules, if ignoring them in a hasty manner.

Perfect Pairs

side bets in online blackjack

The additional bet in the Perfect Pairs, which is possible with 6 or 8 decks, is performed for the event when the person receives the first 2 units with a certain pair.

The operator pays for a pair of diverse colors and the even suit according to the definite coefficient. Most frequently they are up to 5:1 (mixed), 30:1 (identical suits) or sometimes 10:1 (equal colors).

Ultimately, the privilege of the portal considering the side entry composes 3.5%. Naturally, we can’t propose it. The percentages can vary in all houses, here we mention only approximate indexes. Anyway, this activity is rather amusing, so you can test it without the supplementary stakes and superfluous expenses.

Insurance as a Side Bet

Lots of thrill-seekers don’t perceive insurance as a kind of side parlay. They simply think about it as a normal part of gambling. However, that is improper. Actually, the insurance is an optional feature. It possesses the odds that are greatly stacked for the interest of the establishment. The users make half of such entries in cases where the dealer exposes the ace. If the blackjack is on the stickman’s side after he reaches 10, the RTP turns 2:1.

And it successfully saves the primary bet. The chances that the dealer can receive 21 are close to 9:4. Such deal brings the casino the edge that is 12% or even more after each side bet which the gambler makes. For instance, when you put $100 for the insurance box, you give $12 away to the operator. Decide personally if such situation is proper for you or not.

Triple 7’s

Five normal card decks are the required equipment for playing Triple Sevens. In the conventional game the payouts compose 3:2, when it relates to the insurance stake – it’s already 2:1. When you get three 7s with the Diamond suit – you become the hitter of the progressive gift.

That’s a realistic practice in almost all virtual 21 casinos. Having three 7s with the identical suit means winning $1,000, three 7s of various suit – $250. The sums are average, but you should see the contrast in the cards you can receive. It’s a really crafty thing to process the edge.

37.94% is the usual index, and it decreases by 3.45% after every $10,000 that are introduced to the progressive total. According to these calculations, the progressive is to reach $109,860 in the Triple 7’s for the casino edge to disappear. So, you’d better search for such entertainments, where the amount equals this sum or is more to avoid paying the casino its privilege.

Bonus Blackjack

There’s another chance-taking activity – the blackjack with the bonuses. Enjoying it, you can arrange a promo bet, that is paid off if the user, dealer or they both approach the 21 scores. If while betting on the BJ the Ace and the Jack of spades come both to the dealer and to the gambler, the gambler becomes the possessor of the progressive prize. The interest of the portal for this bet exceeds 3.5% (if playing with 6 decks), that’s too big for such game.

Progressive Jackpot

types of the side bets in different web 21

This is the most frequent variation of the side stakes in the blackjack. The thrill-seeker makes an occasional dollar bet on a special field and gets the payouts for all aces, which come to his box, being off to the first handed card.

Besides, the operator can consider the suit of the aces. The maximum combination is usually four aces of the even suit. If the player achieves such sets in a row, he becomes the lucky owner of the progressive.

Such entertainment is in the collections of many software suppliers. The casino edge for such bet rides on the payout coefficients and the present jackpot sum, but it can rarely be lower than 15%.


The next stuff is about 21+3 amusement with additional entries. The side stake came from the poker (3 card type). The operator pays it off when the original 3 cards, which go openly with the backs down, form Three of a Kind, a Flush, Straight or Straight Flush.

Consequently, the user gets the RTP of 9:1. If the game demands 6 card packs and the figure is like this, the edge composes then 3%. Naturally, that is smaller than in numerous side entries, but it is bigger than in the primitive online blackjack types.

Super Sevens & Crazy Sevens

In this kind the payout, for the additional bet are offered for the 7s, which come in a row, starting with the initial item on the adventurer’s box. Besides that, only one 7 can bring the profit (3:1). Also, the operator takes the suits to notice. Three 7s of equal suit have the payout coefficient of 5000:1. The scale of the bet is stable, as a rule. 11% – that is the approximate edge of the gambling house. You can definitely reach your own conclusions.

Side Bets in Live Dealer Blackjack

The most exciting thing about the BJ entertainments is the possibility to enjoy it via live mode with a real dealer. The side bet is amid the available functions here. You can check the window that proposes you choose the variable you admire to play. The designers try to save all the rules, features and characteristics in the live 21 so as not to discourage the audience.