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Discovering the entertaining world of Playtech casino environments, you will lose heart to the blackjack activities. This ancient entertainment attracts many software suppliers, so they hunt for the most appropriate technologies for the lay-out of the best online blackjack games with the most pleasant interfaces and features.

Due to its French roots, it has acquired some elegance and gracefulness. These days the gamblers can enjoy it both in the real lobbies and on the virtual portals. Accordingly, we should be thankful to Playtech for a rich portfolio available to everyone who is eager to play. The platform possesses only the advanced elements which provide adequate gameplay any time.

Free and Real Online Blackjack Games

The prettiest thing about this international designer is that it offers BJ to the clients who can perform huge bets and for those who are hunting for some kind of hobby with no expenses and risks. Consequently, you can consider two versions – real money performance and free modes.

Not so many people start their gambling experience with real bets. Firstly, they train, investigate the rules and approaches, check all peculiarities including the limits, banking options, features, bonuses and other high-up information.

After some time, having reached a little background, the users decide on the real type. They fund the accounts and start making the bets. All these functionalities are yours, if you amuse yourself with this certified developer.

Playtech 21 Types

online blackjack games by Playtech

If the multiplicity of the hazardous activities is in the highest flight for you, so be confident – Playtech will satisfy your needs. Especially when it goes about online blackjack on the net. There are multiple various kinds of these entertainments as its history and development times still continue.

That is a solid reason why the new and advanced releases appear on the markets. This cross-border producer makes its significant contribution to the blossoming of the 21, and you can check it playing one of the variations that we plan to talk about. Get ready to perceive every tiny detail.


We want to negotiate about the traditional classic type first. It’s rather comprehensive as all further sorts are based on this one. It’s the background that connects all the games. This BJ is present in multiple self-respecting web gambling houses. Once you learn the regulations of standard 21, you will get through all the other variants. In this case the user takes 6 decks.

What’s more, the player can choose either to game in a single or a multiplayer regime. 17 is the moment where the stickman stands. This time is appropriate for the gambler to double after he splits. The splitting shouldn’t exceed 4 hands. In the event of aces, you get one more card.

Blackjack Pro

Now we move to the Blackjack Pro – the amusement for the skilled practitioners. Only 1 usual pack of the cards is normal for this process. If you play well, you can decrease the privilege of the virtual casino to the mark of 0.02% which will be really advantageous. There is no chance to re-split the hands.

If the user doubles when the croupier gets an ace first, so then the dealer reaches 21 and the adventurer fails and stays with no winnings. This variation is available with 2 great features. Initially, there is a “Fast play” function. Then, you can apply the customized gaming tables.

Blackjack Switch

playtech blackjack games and casinos

For this time, prepare the clarification of the Switch 21. The game varies by the statement that the gambler gets only two hands. Additionally, the playing units are with the backs down.

Your task lies in making two duplicate stakes. According to the regulations, you can change each second card after handing. The payouts here are 1:1, but not 3:2 as per the usual situation.

You can arrange doubling down or splitting alike in the traditional blackjack from Playtech. Here you will face the side bet – Super Match Side. Choose this activity and investigate all characteristics that you could meet on your gaming path.


A rather interesting 21 variant named Pontoon, is also here for widening your outlook. This type is typical to the Australian thrill-seekers. The most profitable hand for you is the one which contains the ace or 10. Once you get it, you win Pontoon. The trick of 5 units brings a hand with the level of twenty one or something less.

17 is where the dealer starts hitting. You must hit, when you possess 15 scores or fewer. No matter what values you’ve got, you can double after the splitting. You can’t split after 3 hands. 3 is the maximum. If there is a dead heat, the gain goes to the croupier.

Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Pairs is presumably the most popular activity alternative. Apart from the usual bets, here you will encounter the supplementary ones. It’s specially requested in London and Macao. Moreover, the Aussies prefer this game more than the Europeans and Asian thrill-seekers.

Playtech Perfect Pairs is present on many hazardous portals around the web. You can take from 2 to 8 decks for the normal performance. The user gets to make an additional entry after the initial one. The following pairs are feasible: mixed color and the equal card suits, identical color and different suits, same color and also the same suits.

Blackjack Surrender

We encourage you to consider now all differences that make the Blackjack Surrender special. 6 decks are in the procedure. Doubling and splitting go as in the classic 21. The gamer owns a true chance to surrender when the croupier inspects the occurrence of BJ combination. Remember that splitting the aces with 10 scores is not going to reward you. There is an insurance bet, but don’t take it, if your experience is insufficient.

Progressive Blackjack

Playtech blackjack on the web

The key requirement which you get to satisfy to have an allowance to play this progressive variation is to arrange a side bet with the total of $1. It’s the figure that automatically moves to the all-round jackpot sum.

If you manage to receive 4 aces immediately, you can pretend to a higher jackpot pool percentage. It is only the usual game, but with a special feature that not all entertainments can be offered to the gaming nerds.

Lucky Blackjack

The tricky kind it is! However, Lucky Blackjack may cause much excitement and high drama. The procedure has no significant differences from the other sorts. You get to arrange an entry. The stickman permanently stops at seventeen. You need here poorly 1 deck for normal acting.

The amusement pushes to you to guess what the croupier gets – 17-21, BJ or bust. The payout of twenty one is 19:1, while the bust composes 2:1. The name of the alternative entertainment explains that your luck plays a sufficient role in this matter. So, prepare to try it with this kind.

Playtech Live Dealer

The live regime is the component that Playtech was hammering away for the whole of September. A new release is currently available to customers around the Earth and it is 21+3 Blackjack. The marketing team has toiled over this game with lots of effort and ideas, and now we see the outcome.

The most surprising issue is that they have implemented the poker elements into a 21 performance. Too astonishing this fact is. There is no feedback from the users for now, but we have no doubt that this live game will succeed and promote the designer policy.

Best BJ Casinos and Bonuses

All Playtech casinos have a wide specter of encouragements. It implicates that you can meet a cash reward in any institution with all BJ types. Depositing the account can bring you a promotion at a certain rate.

An ordinary registration may be a road to the bonus awakening. Daily and weekly log-ins are also profitable on some portals. There is no need to gamble for real to encounter the gifts from the operators.