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Nothing can be achieved easily. You’ve got to devote some effort in order to achieve desired goals. That’s why, when you start thinking of online gambling, notice that there is a long way to be passed before you get what you want. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone on the path, quite the opposite.

Everything starts with the search of a casino. Yet, before looking through the list with the leading portals, you should know what factors are the most important for you. Always check the set of licenses, payout rate, bonus and game collection, banking methods, etc. Each item should be on the top.

Another stage comes with the selection of a game kind. It’s not a secret that the majority of players tend to prefer cards, to be more exact – Blackjack online. Still, today we won’t speak about the amusements only because it’s high time you got acquainted with the newest and the most popular payment. Meet Bitcoin, and find out what benefits the system can confer upon you.

Live Blackjack Games – Play for Bitcoins

Those who love playing Blackjack, and have a real taste of the game, would rather compete with real people than with a computer. For this very reason, online casinos offer their Live Dealer format, which can implement all your wishes into life. This time you launch a real-time event, just like in any onsite gambling house.

The only difference is that you keep enjoying the conveniences of your own house. Enter the entertainment and sit around the table. You can see the user-names of other players and their bet sizes. Herewith, you can easily chat with the dealer and gamers, creating an atmosphere of online pastime. Making payments thru BTC in this way becomes almost the fastest procedure ever.

BTC Casino Bonuses

online 21 with Bitcoin

There are several things which online casinos use in order to attract new players, and encourage existing ones. These are bonuses, safe banking methods and games.

You have everything in one, don’t miss your chance. As soon as you find your perfect gaming site, it is time to create an account and do everything in order to boost that balance.

For this very reason alone, you’re to choose a payment option, which is bound to be Bitcoin for its numerous advantages, and make a deposit. Another pleasant point comes when you understand that your investments can be estimated. With BTC bonuses, you can increase your amount with additional credits and extend your gameplay.

Welcome Program Up to 5 BTC

Being a new player at an online casino, you may get afraid of taking serious steps. First of all, you’re not sure in the site honesty and making inputs at that rate can be rather risky. No matter what reasons you have, the aim of each casino is to help you overcome the anxious feeling. That’s why, portals offer you their Welcome Bonus.

In this situation, you are presented with a minimum amount required for promo activation. Transfer the necessary sum and that will be matched to the percentage of the bonus. Depending on the deposit size, you can freely increase your balance with up to 5 BTC (5,000 mBTC). Usually, there is a link sent to your e-mail, follow it in order that promotion gets activated and you receive additional credits.


There is no one who doesn’t like feeling special. Your online casino can assure the unique attitude once you comply with a tiny request. As it’s a site dedicated to Bitcoin totally, that will be the only payment system presented. At that rate, all players will use the service in order to transact money to the casino balance and out of it as well.

Yet, there are portals, which come up with a variety of banking methods and in order to encourage players to use this very option, there can be a special bonus provided. Give precedence to the mechanism and gain benefits just for your selection. The biggest pro of this offer is that you can take advantage of it for several times. To be more specific, each time when making a transaction thru BTC.

How to Use Bitcoins in BJ Casinos

You know that in order to use the service, you must buy Bitcoins. Though, this is not the very beginning of the story. Everything starts only when you create a BTC wallet. This is a so-called bank account, which includes your savings and also serves like a resource for sending and receiving payments.

The main thing you should know about the mechanism is that you need to provide constant activity for its maintenance. Another thing to keep in mind is that once your pocket is corrupted or lost, unfortunately, you won’t be able to restore the bitcoins you had. There exist several kinds of wallets, each of them includes various conditions and safety marks. Learn them one by one and decide which terms match your ideas the best.


BTC online blackjack

This type of BTC wallet is recommended for players, whose knowledge and experience in the modern computer technologies leave much to be desired.

In case you seek an easier method for your transactions, this kind will also be perfect for you. At that point, you don’t have anything to do with backing up or securing the system. This is a responsibility of an external organization, in this case.

If you start using this option, we strongly recommend you enable a 2 factor authentication. It means that when it comes the moment to access your wallet based on the cloud, you need to enter your e-mail and enable the first stage. Then you can launch the purse itself. Use different passwords for both systems and create an additional layer of security.


This time you have a third body, which acts like an intermediary point between you and your wallet. It provides the strongest protection and assures your safety. The only thing you should take into account before choosing this alternative is that it costs some money. Well, at long last, you pay for your security.

This is a physical USB device, which includes all your Bitcoins in an offline form. The process of sending a payment requires the hardware and your password, which makes your privacy stronger. Such a system can’t be beaten by any kind of web viruses, there is cryptography used in order to keep all the data not public. Yet, you should be very careful with the device, because once you lose it, all your earnings will be impossible to recover.


Get security and total control over your Bitcoin wallet with this type. Now you’re able to increase and use any safety measure available to you, besides, backing up your wallet to a USB drive every month is also under your responsibility. Everything is done on your own. Yet, one thing remains the same just like in every other option – when losing a wallet, you drop the whole darn thing. But in case you’re technically competent and feel like handling, backing up, maintaining and storing your account will be more than doable for you, this alternative is created just for your casino payments.

BTC Terms and Conditions

Bitcoin itself is a type of money, which is not controlled by anyone. It’s created by the people for the people. The system includes no third parties, credit card enterprises or fees, this is your own world of banking. Still, this frame has some cons, such as non-stable BTC price and such an easiness to lose everything within a second.

Let us forget about downsides for a while and see what situations you can face when using the payment service. Each time you decide to make a transaction, whether to your casino balance or out of it, the process will take no longer than 10 minutes. Besides that, cyber theft can be avoided easily with the help of the method security measures. Observe numerous options to trade Bitcoins and pick any of Bank Wire, BitcoinPay, OKPay and more mechanisms for your gambling pastime.