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With no doubt, Microgaming online casino blackjack is more prominent than any other entertainment. Here we encourage you to check out the best portals of this very supplier with all the nuts and bolts included in the chart below (bonuses, reviews, wagers, limits and deposits, etc.). However, before this, learn more details about the activity itself and prepare yourself to the complete excitement.

Types of Microgaming Blackjack Games

As in any game BJ also has its own set of the rules which you have to adhere for the successful performance. The whole article from 21CLUB team is devoted to the variety of the blackjack types and the distinctive characteristics that make them stand out among each other. So, we start!

Atlantic City

Atlantic City 21 needs 8 conventional decks (No jokers, remember!). Each player has a goal to beat the dealer – this is common in every type. This one is not an exception. The croupier hands 2 cards for himself and exposes 1 of them. You can make a bet only on a single box. You can double at every 2 cards and after the split. Split in its turn is possible for 3 times (for the aces only 1 time). There is an option of a Late Surrender. You can act in a usual expert regime.


The Classic variation requires only 1 deck that’s shuffled before each handing. microgaming online 21 games

The bet is also possible for 1 box and can vary in some casinos from $1 to $200.

In this situation, you’ll come across one-shot split to the cards of the same nominal. Doubling after splitting is prohibited.

There is an insurance against blackjack by the exposed ace in the dealer’s hands. There are no prize privileges in the classic kind.


Multi-hand 21 has classic rules. You need 5 packs for playing. They are shuffled one time after each hand. The stake can be for 1-5 boxes. Initially the dealer takes 1 opened card. You can take several units for the split aces. That’s possible only once. The split boxes can’t have a BJ. Before playing you can train in the free mode with no real cash.

Double Exposure

A bit specific type with the title Double Exposure, implies that the dealer has 2 cards with the backs down. He can take another playing item with the soft 17. Splitting for the gambler is valid for one occasion only. The croupier gets the winning on all dead heats (not including the natural 21). There is no a Surrender option. You can find the table of “Hit” and “Stand” possible steps on relevant pages.


The name of this kind allows you to understand that the thrill-seekers from the Europe mostly like to play it. Microgaming provides this game with a single-hand performance. Here we involve only 2 standard decks (each one includes 52 units). Shuffling takes place along with each hand. The function of the automatic split is here available. European BJ has 4 additional kinds: High Limit, Hi Lo, Perfect Pairs and Redeal.

High Limit

Online blackjack from Microgaming High Limit variation is famous for its low house edge because is rather beneficial for the players. It is due to the occurrence of 2 packs – the less, the better.

This type is really suitable for the high-rollers because the stakes fluctuate between $20 and $1,000. The users with risky souls will definitely fall in love with this chance-taking activity.

Hi Lo

The next one is Hi Lo European Blackjack. What you need is 8 decks for arranging the game. The payout composes here 3:2. The stickman stands on every 17. He gets initially 1 card with the back down. There are 2 re-split chances and the Surrender option. The lowest wager is 1 credit and the biggest – 200. The side bet is acceptable.

Perfect Pairs

This is a very thrilling type that makes you learn more difficult rules. The dealer can decide on the outcome of the game right after handing when he sees what pairs you’ve got. There are 3 possible ways. You can get a mixed pair – items with various colors, but the same suit; colored pair – the identical colors, but different suits; and finally perfect pair – both the color and the suit coincide. If you achieve the last combination, you can proclaim yourself the winner.


The Redeal blackjack makes it possible to get a new shot, if the cards you’ve taken have no sense for you. That’s the main principle of this type and probably because of this characteristic many thrill-seekers adore it. The player can opt to change the playing units of the hand and receive a new set. This option can be either free or billable – it varies.

High Streak

The procedure of playing Microgaming High Streak 21 is almost the same as in the previous sorts. However, this version includes additional stakes and involves 2 packs. The diversity of bets can be from $50 to $200. The croupier has no hidden unit in this case. He stops at every 12 scores. The split after doubling is denied. The payouts are the following: usual game – 1:1, blackjack – 3:2, insurance – 2:1.


Spanish 21 differs greatly from the conventional variations. best blackjack casinos online by Microgaming

It’s played with 8 decks – each one has 48 playing items. The stickman hands 2 cards and opens only one.

He checks the presence of 21 points with the exposed ace or 10. The tie outcome is beneficial for the player, as 21 scores on both sides go for the profit of the user.


This game attracts the most attention from the gambling community. Its title – Vegas – makes them closer to the real casino atmosphere. Lots of risky adventurers definitely have imagined themselves at one of the tables in the genuine Las-Vegas lobby. Experience something unique with the Downtown, Strip and Single Deck delights.


The cunning Downtown Vegas BJ is more favorable to the dealer rather than to the gambler. The man hands 2 cards for himself and opens 1. If it’s 10 or an ace, he observes the 2d one, checking if he gets the blackjack or not. If the combination is positive, the players receive no cards and lose immediately.


The Strip 21 has the same regulations as the real game on the Las-Vegas Strip Street in the USA. There’s an opportunity to bet either on one or several boxes. The stakes can be from $5 to $1,000 in some clubs. The payouts in this activity are standard.

Single Deck

The basic peculiarity of the Single Deck, is the possibility to split at any cards of the same nominal. Ace splitting is feasible only 1 time. There can be no blackjack at the boxes that were composed after splitting. Doubling can be on 9, 10 or 11 points. No Surrender here.

Super Fun

The performance of the Super Fun requires 1 normal deck with 52 items. 21 online features from microgaming

The exposed ace or 10 allows the dealer to check the 2d card to count the points and if he reaches 21, the players have no chance to win.

Nevertheless, the user’s BJ always wins the croupier’s one. You can perform splitting 3 times in a row till the composition of 4 boxes.

Big Five

That’s a free Microgaming elaboration. Big Five demands 5 packs. Here the stickman gets 1 unit and the rest only after the players have received their hands. You can find this game at the Microgaming casinos on the net and enjoy this variation with the rules that only slightly differ from the others.

Microgaming Casino Features

As you can see, the variety of blackjack is really posh and every user (even the most overzealous) will find something to his liking. All types can be categorized according to some features that we will now talk about. You can correspond them and then decide on the most appropriate kinds for you.

Standard and Gold 21

There are two series from the soft supplier. They are Standard and Gold. They can differ by the frequency of various decks quantity and by some rule issues. However, the Gold Series is more valuable. They’ve released it recently and it’s already gathered a huge gambling audience.


Some entertainments include the option of an auto-play. This feature is common only for this producer and makes the company stand out among the rest. Here the system will play instead of you, when you need to go out to “powder your nose” or simply have no time to gamble, but the desire doesn’t leave you.

Multiple Hands

microgaming web 21 games Multiple Hand 21 is a commonly requested format. It makes it possible to act with up to 5 hands. Nothing changes in this case – your goal is still to beat the dealer.

There are many strategies that help you count and somehow anticipate the steps. However, it’s not that easy. Only experienced thrill-seekers can achieve success in such kinds of entertainment.

Microgaming 21 House Edge

The house edge is the factor that defines the percent of the casino operator advantage. Each kind has its own coefficient. So, Classic – 0.13%, Atlantic City – 0.35%, Double Exposure – 0.69%, European – 0.39%, Spanish – 0.38%, Vegas Downtown – 0.38%, Vegas Strip – 0.34%. You know that it’s better to play at the gambling club with a lower index.

Bonuses for BJ by Microgaming

Many people think of 21 as a boring game as there is no plot, and other entertaining peculiarities. Nonetheless, to make it more active and colorful, the operators offer some bonuses. In most matters, it can be a side bet – the promo occurring only in this amusement. Also, you can get some free cash. Not all that many encouragements are available here.